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Posted by kerf on October 29, 2016 at 3:00 PM

First off, before we go into failure, I'll start with the other things:  just to let you know I have now completed my online University scriptwriting course. I loved it. Future Learn is an amazing place where you can take online University courses for free. Here's my certificate of achievement of which I am rightly proud:

Check out Future Learn for yourself, up your skills, there are hundreds of courses to choose from in all different categories:

Now onto failure. None of us want to fail at something we are passionate about, but often it is the case that somewhere along the line you'll encounter it. See what J K Rowling has to say on failure in a TED talk:

When I write I see it as a scene on film - I adore film, have done since I was young, so imagery is a good way of 'seeing' what you are writing. Check this article out on carrying on a theme throughout your manuscript, your film script, whatever, :


How to Develop and Nurse a Theme Throughout Your Narrative:

I find many articles on writing for film very informative for when I am writing a novel or non fiction. Script MAgazine is a good place to find various articles on writing:

How Do You Develop A Story That's Worth Telling: here is another article I found interesting: Fleshing out your story may be stressful and complicated, but it would be impossible without an initial starting point. Finding the starting point, finding inspiration, is more difficult, and is something that generally cannot be taught.

Hope these articles, ideas, have helped. It's a long, often lonely, journey us writers take, so we must take help where we can get it. Not everyone understands a writer's journey so we all need to stick together.

Have fun! :)

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