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Posted by kerf on January 3, 2019 at 3:15 PM

Hi everyone :)

Happy New Year to you all. Here in New Zealand we see in a brand new year before anyone else in the world - it can be a bit disorientating when you want to ring or text to share good tidings with family and friends in other parts of the world - they're either asleep or its still the day before. 

Last year I finished a 3yr novel based on a true crime story set in England, New Zealand and Australia in the 1950s - A Fit Day For Dark Disgrace. Like many writers I began sending off query letters to various agents and publishers and all I got back was rejections. I'm getting used to them now - maybe I should paper the toilet with them. But I started off this new year with firm resolve. I did a course on Udemy on how to prepare a covering letter, a logline, a tagline, a short and long synopsis - and I feel so much better equipped and more confident with the knowledge I gained from doing this course. I feel I can once again target other literary agents with a better quality pitch. Sometimes you just have to let go, put your work on the back burner, work on another manuscript before going back to it. Always listen to positive advice on your writing, keep learning, do whatever it takes to move forward, but never ever give up.

I've also finished a time travel novel after working on it for 2yrs - A Glorious Autumn - England, 1980s. Two exhausted, hardworking women decide it’s time to take a well-earned holiday. Sophie’s grandfather has just died and she and her best friend Mel(anie) agree to travel by train to Paxhill, an idyllic village near the south east coast, to clean out her grandfather’s house and put it on the market, only they find themselves having travelled back in time to the summer and autumn of 1940s, at the beginning of the Battle of Britain, and are forced to deal with their lack of IDs and Ration cards and legal tender, the villagers mistrust of foreigners, women working the land, and bombing raids on the village and airfield nearby. The only hope they have of surviving is to integrate into village life until they can find a way home...but is that even possible?

I enjoyed writing and researching that. I always work with historical backgrounds - in this case - the Battle of Britain, society in the 1940s, and Spitfires (they were built in the city I was born in), and their pilots, and the Luftwaffe. I am also very interested in human behaviour, what makes us who we are, why do we do or think the things we do, our upbringing and many other facets that go to make us who we are as individuals and the society we live in, what makes us laugh or cry, hate or love. I believe it brings our characters to life, three dimensional. 

So, my resolve this year is to get these two books accepted by a literary agent. What are your resolutions this year? I'd love to hear them... so off you go, get to work - remember Johnny Depp as a writer in Secret window? He lounged around in scruffy pjs and dressing gown, ate crap, smoked and drank, trying to write - but didn't succeed - he had other nefarious things to be going on with. So will you be hunkering down to write or will you be Johnny Depp?

Need any help with your writing, please feel free to email me from this website. I answer all queries. Have a great day:D

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Reply Jina Bazzar
1:25 AM on April 23, 2019 
Hi, Jina from linked in here. Hope you were able to find that literary agent. If not, well, persistence is the key. Good luck.