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Charles ‘Jack’ Henry George Howard, GC, 20th Earl of Suffolk & Berkshire, born into the noble formidable House of Howard, the progeny of an English aristocrat and the daughter of Levi Z Leiter, a Jewish-American millionaire who owned half of Chicago. Jack became an earl at the age of eleven after his father died in WWI in Mesopotamia. Read more 

The Civilian Bomb Disposing Earl was published in March, 2015 by Pen and Sword Books (United Kingdom). 

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Current reviews 

Fantastic! A brilliant research job and a bloody good read!

              Chris Ransted, author of ‘Disarming Hitler’s V Weapons’

An extraordinary story now well-chronicled.

              Military Historical Society

Until you read this book, you'll have no idea of the achievements of "Mad Jack" Howard, Earl of Suffolk and Berkshire.   To describe all his exploits would ruin the book, but modern life is boring by comparison.
My recommendation to you is : buy it, read it, and enjoy it as much as I did !

              Steve Fielding - Social Historian

Published 2013/2019

After joining the Hampshire Regiment in 1940, 18 year old Thomas Collins is sent to France where he witnesses and takes part in horrors far beyond his imagination. Shell shocked and wounded, he leaves Dunkirk on the destroyer Havant. Thomas’ recovery in Netley Hospital for wounded soldiers in Southampton is slow and images of a brutal war refuse to leave his fragile state of mind, especially his bloody slaying of Dierk Gerber, a German soldier. 

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War and Chance"You hit one out of the park with War and Chance. It’s a ripper of a yarn, a great read and covered all emotions. The characters became real as did Southampton for me, even though I’ve never been there."  

              Timothy Carter (New Zealand)t text

War and Chance  "I  love the title and the cover design. The print is about as good as it gets. This is a well ploughed field and Kerin Freeman has made a fine contribution to it; characters, dialogue, and situations are woven together with a skill that reminds me of ‘Brighton Rock’. Thomas, Claudette and Freddie Murphy and the licentious soldiers come to life. The band of brothers are exactly what we were. Would I buy ‘War and Chance’? Certainly. If I was asked to script this story for a feature film? You bet!"   

           Julian Dickon, Radio and Scriptwriter of thirty years.

War and Chance "War and Chance takes you on a roller coaster of emotions from pre-war home town events while Thomas matures, on into the grizzly world of the death and mayhem of the second world war. Having done my national service as a late teen I know the world of the army and it's not pretty - the author got it pretty well right. For his first time Thomas experimented with the fairer sex and initially failed, but eventually got it together. Altogether I call it a very well written book and as gruesome in places as you'd expect of a novel set in war time.

          Ridin - read on a Kindle 

This detailed, colourful account of life in New Zealand  was experienced by a young immigrant from England in the early to mid 1950s. Drawn from historical records, this is the story of a young man accused of murder in 1955 and for which he forfeited his life. Read more

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